The physical therapists at Therapy Works each have a minimum of 18 years of experience. Dedicated to you. No assistants or aides are utilized in their treatment model. That means at every appointment you will draw upon the experience and expertise of a skilled therapist, who has helped countless people with your condition get better. What will your physical therapist do?

Your therapeutic work starts with a detailed and comprehensive evaluation to determine the exact source(s) of your pain. An individualized treatment plan will then be developed for you. In most cases this will include skilled soft tissue and joint mobilization, education about your condition and ways you can also help heal yourself. Additionally, a flexibility and strengthening program designed to your specific needs may be offered, and modalities including ultrasound, Iontophoresis, electrical stimulation, Kinesio taping may be utilized to help reduce your pain and swelling.

Motor Vehicle Injury Treatment BrochureThe first four weeks matter
One out of three people will develop chronic pain from a car accident if not identified and treated effectively within the first four weeks. At Therapy Works Physical Therapy we evaluate your symptoms and design a research based program to help get you better. Research shows that screening and proper treatment beginning in the first four weeks after an accident can significantly improve your rate of recovery. - Learn More.

There are a myriad of ways in which the spine may be compromised, and just as many ways that the pain presents. From an auto accident to a fall, or simply poor posture at work, the vital core of your body when injured or distressed can be effectively addressed and treated by the Physical Therapists at Therapy Works who specialize in assessment and treatment of the spine.

Neck Tension and injury are a very common cause of pain and drained energy. There is no other portion of the spine that has this much freedom of movement and mobility - making it much more prone to pain and injury. The physical therapists at Therapy works are skilled in the assessment and treatment of simple to complex neck concerns.

Torn ACL
The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the ligaments deep inside your knee joint. It can be torn or injured by sudden stops or twists of the knee, or a strong force or hit to the knee. The resulting pain can be excruciating, making it difficult to walk, climb stairs or even just sit down. It can also feel like there is instability in walking. Receiving focused physical therapy treatments during recovery will be key.

Broken Leg
In most cases after a broken bone in any part of the body, physical therapy will be ordered to restore the mobility and strength in the weakened location once the bone has healed. Since bone breaks occur fairly frequently, the treatment and rehabilitation of the weakened areas are a part of the many skills the physical therapists at Therapy Works apply often.

Sprained Ankle
Sprains are common, painful tears to the ligament, tendon or muscle, usually the ligament. Sprains, such as in the ankle, can happen from a simple roll of the foot, in the throes of a sport or any other manner in which the ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range. Without proper rehabilitation of a sprain, the healing time will be prolonged and the joint can remain unnecessarily unstable.

Lower Back
Lower back pain is the most common complaint among patients in physical therapy. Often it is the result of one or more of: overuse, muscle strain, injury to the muscles, injury to ligaments or injury to the discs that support the spine. Physical therapy plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of the spine, and the physical therapists at Therapy Works all specialize in such treatment.

Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow, like carpal tunnel is often caused by overuse of the arm and forearm muscles. It presents around the outside of the elbow when the muscle and tendon area are injured. The resulting inflammation, soreness and pain are quite acute. Physical therapy at Therapy works can help in the reduction of pain and inflammation, while promoting healing and alleviating the stress and abuse upon the injury.

Rotator Cuff Injury
Rotator cuff injury is the instance in which one or more of the four muscles in the shoulder are inflamed or torn. This can occur from overuse, or acute injury such as a fall. Physical therapy plays an integral part in the rehabilitation from such an injury and the physical therapists at Therapy Works are trained to work one on one with you as you heal.

A headache is an elusive term for a variety of pain symptoms presenting in the head area, from migraines to tension headaches. In musculoskeletal circumstances, physical therapy is particularly helpful. Referred pain such as strain in the neck or shoulders can often produce a headache. Overuse or strain from work activities such as sitting for long hours at a computer, can result in this sort of pain.

Aquatic Therapy
Some surgeries or injuries make exercising on land difficult, and the response may be much better in water which allows for easier and less painful movement. Therapy Works teams up with Juniper Swim and Fitness, giving you access to a heated pool and whirlpool. Your physical therapist will join you in the water and lead you through a progressive exercise program to reduce your pain, and regain your mobility and conditioning so that you can return to a normal life on land.

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