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Recovering after spinal surgery? Recuperating from a strained rotator cuff? Regaining the ability to use the manual can opener again? Whatever you need Therapy Works Physical Therapy can help you get back to living your life -- pain free. We take the time to listen and communicate well with both you and your physician to ensure that your goals are understood and subsequently met. Our enthusiastic, friendly, flexible approach allows us to tailor our treatments specifically to your needs which delivers the best possible results. You will feel better and benefit from a renewed confidence in remaining healthy going into the future.

The first four weeks matter.

One out of three people will develop chronic pain from a car accident if not identified and treated effectively within the first four weeks. At Therapy Works Physical Therapy we evaluate your symptoms and design a research based program to help get you better. Research shows that screening and proper treatment beginning in the first four weeks after an accident can significantly improve your rate of recovery. Learn More.

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